Pre-Hung Pedestrian Gate

Swing gates can act as mission-critical vehicular crash barriers or solid pedestrian access control solutions. The Wallace International Pre-Hung Pedestrian gate falls into the latter category.

Factory-Assembled, Customizable Design

The galvanized frame construction and infill options enable the Pre-Hung Pedestrian gate to be used in both high and low security situations as well as in projects requiring a specific design solution. Welded wire infill is standard, but high security uses may require vertical steel bars which we can customize for your project.

Optional Accessories For Specific Applications

Optional accessories include magnetic locks, a hydraulic closer, weld plates, fence mounts, and the choice of flange or concrete mounting. These accessories allow for the automating of your swing gate.


  • Galvanized frame
  • Panic bar
  • welded wire infill
  • 36” x 92” opening


  • Hydraulic closer
  • Magnetic Lock
  • Weld plates & fence mounts
  • Flange or concrete footing mount
  • infill & opening

Application install examples

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