Kinetic Drive System

The Kinetic Drive System, designed as an innovative rack and pinion drive motor, provides a smooth, quiet, and reliable operation for automated gates. The Kinetic operator is a key component of Wallace International's Alpha and Delta Cantilever Gate Systems.

Standard features include a powerful DC motor, battery backup, and inherent entrapment sensor. When installed with an Alpha Gate, the entire system is UL 325 listed and ASTM F2200 compliant.

Heavy Duty Chassis

Standard Features

  • 1 foot/second travel velocity
  • Variable-speed control assures smooth gate movement
  • Free diagnostic software turns your laptop into an on-site troubleshooting

Pinion Drive Gear


  • Robust components; shielded from power surges
  • Soft-start and Soft-stop technology
  • Two speeds available: 1 or 2 ft/per second travel velocity
  • UPS battery backup ensures a fully-functioning gate when AC power is unavailable 

Battery Backup


  • Entrapment sensors 
  • Powder-coated steel cabinet
  • Solar powered option
  • Easy to install

Programmable Operator


  • Photo cells
  • Solar options available
  • Intelligent vehicle detectors
  • Warning lights, traffic signals

(additional charges apply)

Technical Specifications

  • Components are protected by opto-isolators, shielding them from power surges
  • UPS backup ensures a fully-functioning gate in the event of an AC power failure
  • USB communications port; direct access to system configuration and diagnostics
  • Inherent entrapment sensor; per UL 325 safety standards
  • Independent adjustment for open and close speeds
  • Programmable Smart DC board allows full control over behavior of gate and all hard wired peripherals
  • Configurable relay outputs for access control integration
  • Requires minimal mechanical maintenance
  • 32-character LCD; increased readability
  • UL 325/CSA listed
Model Kinetic 1 Kinetic 2
Max Gate Weight 1,500 lb. (682 kg) 1,000 lb. (455 kg)
Max Gate Length 40 ft. (12 m) 40 ft. (12 m)
Rate of Travel 0.75 to 1.25 ft/s (23 to 38 cm/s) 1.75 to 2.25 ft/s (53 to 69 cm/s)
Duty Cycle Continuous Continuous
Temp. Rating -13 F to 159 F (-25 C to 70 C) -13 F to 159 F (-25 C to 70 C)
Voltage Input 115V/3A or 230V/1.5A, 50/60 Hz 115V/3A or 230V/1.5A, 50/60 Hz
Accessory Power 12VDC and 24VDC and 24VAC 1 A each 12VDC and 24VDC and 24VAC 1 A each
Communication USB, RS-232, RS-485 USB, RS-232, RS-485
UL 325 Listing Usage Class I, II, III, IV** Usage Class III, IV**
Warranty 5 year (7 year single-family residential) 5 year

*Speed settings cannot exceed 1ft/s for Class I and II usage.
**Not for residential use or applications intended to serve the general public.
***Optional heater/Thermal cover extends operating rage to -49O F / -45O C

Kinetic Operator is exceptionally energy efficient, however actual battery backed up gate travel will depend on gate resistance to travel, cycle length, battery longevity, ambient temperature, ac- cessories drawing battery power and frequency of gate cycles during power outage.

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