About us

About Us

Wallace International, a division of the Wallace Group of Companies, markets a complete line of high speed and high security automated gates in the industry.

We bring to the market Bi-fold ‘SpeedGates’, aluminum cantilevered gates, pedestrian and vehicle crash rated gate systems. Wallace International has achieved national attention because of its SpeedGate, but it is important to note that Wallace International is a full-line manufacturer/distributor of practically every gate or fence where security is needed.

Wallace International's roots date back to the founding of Wallace and Wallace Fencing Ltd. in 1919, manufacturer, distributor and installer of residential, specialty and industrial/commercial fencing. Drawing on their 90 years of experience in the fencing industry, Wallace International has designed its automated gates to meet all its customers' perimeter security needs.

All of our products are completely engineered to work as a unit.  We include the gate, supports and motive power as a single easily specifiable system.  Many of our systems show up to the jobsite completely assembled, ready to place onto the foundation and turn on!

Whether you require smooth, trouble-free operation, or clean unobtrusive design; rapid closing ability or a virtually indestructible gate, Wallace International has the solution.

Slide, Swing, Fold, Crash, Surround...
...with Wallace International.